The Check and Balance

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The Check and Balance

This is me voting in the 2016 Election in Arizona without a line or waiting.  I was excited happy that I made it back home in time to vote because I didn’t send in my early ballot (travel tip - do so if you are out of the country around an election day!)  Little did I know how important my vote would be, how this election would change our nation.  The executive order halting immigration from 7 countries has ignited a new interest in civics.  Our government was created in a manner to check itself (yes check yo' self before you wreck yo' self gets stuck in my mind too) This is a wonderful mechanism of #myamericandemocracy to insure that every branch of government does not overreach its powers or violate the constitution.  I love that this is being played out for this generation.  There have been other checks sure, but none in the world of social media or a twittering @realdonaldtrump.  -|| Tangent - has he tweeted from @POTUS I wonder if it’s because he doesn’t think of himself as POTUS, just Donald J Trump.|| - I do have to give a shout out to my History, first Political teacher at Papillion Lavista High School, Mr BS.  Yes that was his name, short for Mr. Bernard - Stevens.  His engagement continued the encouragement from my family to be active in society.  To speak for those whose voice is suppressed.  So to those joining the suit questioning the legality of the 'MooseLamb' (@melissamccarthy fan for life) ban...thank you for the trip down memory lane and for standing up, pushing back and leaning in for #socialchange.

@NBCSNL - Best Political satire - EVER


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