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It has been a whirlwind of executive orders, nominations, alternative facts, and censorship. It has been a week of changes for #myamericandemocray We must now stand together as Americans and remember our history as shameful as it maybe, we must remember the sacrifices, protest, progress, and rights preserved. Seek out #politicaltruth support local, state and federal respresentatives that understand that Making America Great Again cannot destroy #ourAmerica We must now push forward, lean in to restore a government that will protect the welfare of our future. Protect our education, protect our enviroment, and protect our liberties.

This is #myamericandemocry my legacy handed down from my Grandma Burke who marched with King, my mother Melanie who supported the Black Panthers served in leadership with University of Nebraska – Omaha’s Black Student Union. This is my family legacy..ADVOCATE. So now, I say NO #notinmyhouse. I cannot and will not allow the destructive activities of our current political enviroment risk the life of my grandchildren. I was handed a world of promise and I will leave a world of promise.

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