Grandmother Hood #halfcenturylife #makingmelinda68 #hoods #parenthood

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Grandmother Hood #halfcenturylife #makingmelinda68 #hoods #parenthood

Baby Blake and Mommy

It is a strange thing to see your baby girl pregnant.  It seems that I have been waiting forever to be a grandmother.  Now back in AZ for the gender reveal it is all coming into focus.  I can trace my life backwards to my decision to leave Omaha to enroll at Roosevelt University in Chicago.  This one choice changed my life forever.  I was granted the opportunity to be come a mom 27 years ago.  I was lucky to have 2 more smart and ambitious children.  It has been a challenge to be a single mom, but I know that every choice I made, every decision, every path I took brought me to this moment.  To be a Grandmother.  My kids are my hope and joy, I can only imagine what my grandchildren will be for my life.  I know that I want to have them, hold them, teach them, cherish them and love them.  December 2018 represents so much for my life going forward and as I look back, there was no other path for me to take, no other choice for me to make than to move to Chicago to be a mom to Blake Patricia Marie.

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