Finding The World #’hoods #passportgoals #halfcenturylife

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Finding The World #’hoods #passportgoals #halfcenturylife

I wanted to be a Foreign Service Officer.  That was my goal.  I wanted to see and be in the world.  I started my college life in political science and discovered the world. Around my sophomore year I decided that I wanted to have a global life.  Being raised in a military family, I was exposed to many different cultures.  I remember the progressive dinners in North Dakota and all the FOOD shared by the Asian and European families.  I loved having friends that spoke another language in their homes.  I would listen and be fascinated.  My mother incorporated may different cultures into our home.  We cook with shichirins and woks.  She made and shared meals with the wives of other officers that were not ‘Americans’. She taught us that the world is variety that contributes to a great rainbow.  I just remember being immersed and surrounded by costume and ritual.  This is not to say we didn’t have the experience of being African and African-American. I too had to sit for cornrows and styling. I wore beads in my braids to school.  I modeled dashikis and head wraps.  But my mother was always looking to combine, to integrate, to join.  My most memorable, and longest sitting, was for the birdcage I wore to model kimono and geta.  It was the best kind of childhood.  I always knew there was a bigger world outside of my own.  I wanted to be a part of this life.

After my kids were off to college and out of the house, I decided it was time.  I got my passport October 2015.  I had NEVER left the continental US.  I had visited Tijuana and camped at the International Peace Garden, but I didn’t need a passport.  I wanted to visit and travel like my kids.  They have visited Hong Kong, Spain, France, and the Netherlands.  I had the opportunity a year later October 2016 I got my first stamp!  Thanks Jordan and Ariq!

I had a week to visit the Madrid, Alicante and Avila.

Spain 2016

It was an amazing trip and I returned to visit the Canary Islands March 2017.

Canary Islands 2017
Canary Islands 2017

This year I am returning and Jordan has arranged a trip for us to Malaga and Gibraltar.  Ariq will join us to travel to Morocco to visit the Blue City, Chefchaouen and Fes.  All I can think about is the flight (I am afraid of heights and don’t like flying) and the FOOD.  I do want to see the medinas, feel and hear the community.  But the FOOD is what I look forward to experiencing.  Oh…yes, I am looking forward to seeing my kids  J.  I suppose I am just happy I have the chance to travel.  I have children that want to be in and of the world.  My next trip is coming in May with Blake and Ryan to Mexico! (Ryan, did Blake tell you yet?)


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