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Finding The World #’hoods #passportgoals #halfcenturylife

I wanted to be a Foreign Service Officer.  That was my goal.  I wanted to see and be in the world.  I started my college life in political science and discovered the world. Around my sophomore year I decided that I wanted to have a global life.  Being raised in a military family, I was […]


Raising Grown Ups #halfcenturylife

#RaisingGrownUps #MakingMelinda #HalfCenturyLife #next’hood Raising Grown Ups turned out to be more difficult than I expected, yet I am satisfied with my efforts.  I remember learning that I was pregnant and crying for three straight days.  I had ruined everything, I had let everyone down.   Those were my first thoughts, then I got scared.  I […]



October 30 was a special day for us.  We married our baby girl big sister to Nolan Ryan. Ryan became family in 2006 while he and Blake were freshmen in high school.  I had a thought then, but didn’t hope to much that they would remain together.  My grandparents were married until death, over 70 […]

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