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#'Hoods #PassportGoals

Finding The World #’hoods #passportgoals #halfcenturylife

I wanted to be a Foreign Service Officer.  That was my goal.  I wanted to see and be in the world.  I started my college life in political science and discovered the world. Around my sophomore year I decided that I wanted to have a global life.  Being raised in a military family, I was […]


Raising Grown Ups #halfcenturylife

#RaisingGrownUps #MakingMelinda #HalfCenturyLife #next’hood Raising Grown Ups turned out to be more difficult than I expected, yet I am satisfied with my efforts.  I remember learning that I was pregnant and crying for three straight days.  I had ruined everything, I had let everyone down.   Those were my first thoughts, then I got scared.  I […]



I find myself wondering what this means to me.  As I listen to our current president call democrats treasonous because they choose not to applaud during his State of the Union.  Does this mean that Republicans were treasonous when they didn’t applaud Pres. Obama during his State of the Union address?  If Donald Trump didn’t […]

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