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My Making...

I want to share my life experiences and my journey from Childhood, Adulthood, Parenthood, to my new 'hood

Making Melinda Mills-Walkey

I was born March 1968, 4 days before the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr   My making begins with my grandparents who advocated for human rights.  The taught me the importance of being an advocate, not just participate, but to live a life to meet the struggle for equality across all social economic political oppression.  I was taught that this we are honor bound to treat everyone with the respect and courtesy we expect for ourselves.  This is the legacy of my grandmother Mary Louise Hall Burke, my grandfather William Emmanuel Lee Burke, my mother Melanie Patricia Louise Burke and my father Archie Wilson Mills, Jr.

Melinda Mills-Walkey

"Say what you mean and mean what you Say"

Making a new 'Hood

Share in my life, my new beginning, my new 'hood

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